A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Devil's Dirty Work

After spilling coffee over your laptop and accidentally deleting the game files of your actual game jam submission, you make a pact with the devil in an attempt to recover them, unaware of the consequences. 

After refusing to hand off your soul, as you had agreed to, the devil makes you an offer:

"Collect at a hundred lesser spirits for me, and I will accept them as payment instead."

On a quest to escape your unavoidable death, you venture into the caves of the underworld, killing bats and capturing their spirits. Be wary though.  While swinging over the deadly lava pits of doom, be sure to look behind you from time to time. Although you've made an agreement, he might just try to take your soul anyways... He is the devil, you know.


Aim the grappling hook with the MOUSE

SPACE deploy grappling hook

W reel player in towards grappling hook

SHIFT release grapple and jump

ESC skip cutscene


Game.zip (requires Java) 15 MB

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